Shrila Prabhupada set up ISKCON so that everybody coming to this society can get everything they need to achieve all perfection in Krishna Consciousness. Anyone who takes full shelter of Shrila Prabhupada through his ISKCON will get all the guidance needed to become fully Krishna conscious.

With the same aim of Shrila Prabhupada ISKCON Surat is functioning. About 15 kms from the railway station and bus station, on the banks of River Tapi is the marvelous residential abode of Lord Shri Shri Radha Damodar. Shrila Prabhupada visited Surat city in the year 1970 which is a memorable moment in the Life of the devotees of Lord Shri Shri Radha Damodar. In the year 1978 the premises with a small temple of Lord Krishna was recieved from the Kanahiyalal trust Jahangirpura with an area of about 900 sq.ft.Today it is the one of the famous and the biggest temple of the Surat city with the Temple area of about 13600 sq.ft.It gets the largest devotees during the Festivals and Sunday.

The Lord Radha Damodar Temple can be reached from the railway station and bus station by city bus No. 115 & 119 from City Bus Stand No. 1 to the destination ISKCON Mandir Jahangirpura in just Rs.10. The Auto-Rickshaw would cost to about Rs.70 from there. From the airport it would cost Rs.135 by auto-rickshaw.